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The Hollywood actor has come along way from the days of red carpet events only. The practice of dragging an actress out for appearances nearly took the 48-year old actor under during the recent years. BWR public relation still hold the belief that they represent the actor and do so in spite of the fact that they like so called managers Brad Grey and Cynthina Pett-Dante also never paid Pitt a dime in 9 years of alleged representation. BWR have put the outrageously deception based pr lead publicist Cindy Guagneti in the background but have no intention of giving up their financial bread and butter fake coupling they termed sadly Brangelina.

Heading the 2012 charade and fake claims in the  media is none other than Nancy Ryder who ironically attempted to connect to Pitt’s wife Kesha Coggins Pitt (Entertainment & Celeb News Writer) on Facebook fearing the worst for the actor December 2010 just weeks before Pitt made a break from former costar Angelina Jolie for good.  Coggins Pitt livid with the firm that kept Pitt trapped in that farce ignored Ryders’ daily attempts to add and united with Pitt just weeks later never to hear from Ryder ever again. Under BWR representation the last alleged official engagement announcement was April 2008, Pitt filed the legal separation papers days later. That was FOUR years ago… He fired BWR publicist Guagnet that same month as well. Incidentally, Jolie signed the separation papers in December 2009.

Convinced that he cannot go public with his mixed-race wife, the public relation firm that has nothing more than a zillion  over-exposed children moments complete with in 2012 at least two different Shiloh children, 3 different Pax looking kids, and triplets aka a red-head boy and girl as well as an identical to Knox and mystery other red-head a boy with blond hair that all resemble each other but the media were told of just twins… the latest news story reek of Jolie’s still holding on and BWR ready to take their cut from the deceptions they each must resort to.

Don’t ever expect Coggins Pitt to ‘play along,’ she has already declared her refusals to attend any functions retaining to Pitt’s career if that pr firm is involved. She has refused their representation of her marriage to Pitt since last summer and in return they seemed more determined than ever to throw the rubbish called Brangelina at her as a result. Jolie continues to travel alone and emerge with two or three children at a time but never seen with the entire six. Oddly, these children are not the children Pitt knew as his own as those children were removed from Jolie at the end of last year permanently and are not expected to return to her ever again.

The African child has enjoyed quality time her birth mother along with brother Maddox. Close sources say both Pitt and Coggins Pitt mean to keep it that way.  Read more about Pitt firing BWR publicist Cindy Guagneti here.