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Life at the top of the game can leave you wanting more or disillusioned. Surviving an obsessive former co-star and driven ex-partner before, movie star Brad Pitt is enjoying his life away from the spotlight. Don’t expect Pitt to go on in the media about fatherhood or children. Since becoming a legal guardian of four children taken from the formerly known as Jolie-Pitt household December 2010, Pitt has forced on new wife and life on an island called Saipan in the South Pacific.

Taking guardianship in his stride in place of fatherhood has maybe a once shattered and exhausted Pitt relaxed and youthful again.  With his wife newly by his side he has never looked better. The two met more than 15-years ago in a London nightclub called L’Equipe Anglaise where he watched her dance for hours and hours.  Dating mixed-raced woman or woman of color was discouraged by those closest to the guidance of Pitt’s career at the that time.

Nonetheless, a love affair long distance commenced  that span 13-years.  Happily married to wife Kesha Coggins Pitt, a solo Pitt attended his first professional première last fall in Toronto to promoted his critically acclaimed film Moneyball. Personal setbacks just one year ago saw many prepared to write Pitt off. In 2012, Pitt received not one but two Oscars nominations for his 2011 flicks Moneyball and Tree of Life.

Leaving the past behind in pursuit of his dream life with Coggins Pitt, Pitt continues to find the strength to further free himself from the deceptions and exploitation of the past. Those around him used their association to him as media pass to get as much exposure as possible at the expense of Pitt being free to move and enjoy professional successes such that elusive Oscar win.