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Brad Pitt 22

Brad Pitt started the year 2013 must like he had started the two previous years. Scuffles with the past and a long-standing rivalry with former Hollywood pal George Clooney kept things behind the scenes particularly unfriendly the enter year.

But when he did make s appearance, Pitt could not help but be noticed. Publicly claimed by wife Kesha Coggins Pitt, Pitt declared his wife’s readiness to claim his namesake and announced her as wife Kesha Pitt.  The  newly named spouse of Pitt is expected to feature her new book entitled ‘A Walk Within’  in summer 2014. Released last year but hindered by sabotage, Kesha’s A Walk Within  and stolen from my authors site.

Behind the hacking into account and taking over of sales profiles is Alastair Burlingham and Amal Mansour. Since 2011, Both have attempted to publish the book in their own names. They have even used the same book cover. I suspect that they will continue hack and still likely to further plagiarize.The Book tour invite first came to Mrs. Kesha Pitt in summer 2010 while she was sill in exploring like in Thailand.

beach-wedding-favors-9-500x435Previous attempts to publish through her former meant that her pre-sale site was targeted. Pre-sale projections of 725 clicks per site counter spells wonderful future sales projection yet the sales were alleged to have not come at all.

If you have purchased a forged copy of this book last year please report the matter to the local authorities and the BBB for compensation;

In summer 2014, look out for Brad Pitt joining his wife on her Beijing International Book Tour, China book tour in 2014!  This will be one of several other book shows expected to attend including Frankfurt Book Fair by this Hollywood couple. Notably, Brad and Kesha (born Cassandra) are in the industry quietly deemed the Power Couple of Hollywood-Real! Green-lighting film flicks, charitable projects and launching enterprising such as EliteOne Provocateur nor Provocateur & EliteOne International, there really is nothing this talented partnership in love can’t do.

Expect this real couple to keep a fairly low public profile in pursuit of private life on the island of Guam (Guhan) and exclusive living in other parts of the world including Greece, Milan, Singapore and  Vietnam by 2014.

Source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112816203080215801845/posts