12 Years A Slave Trailer sneak peak ~


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Brad Pitt exclusive

Brad pitt at premiere 2013Could this be yet another perfectionist performance delivered by both cast and crew? A historical look at slavery, focusing upon slaves story in  particular offers captivating and stupendous performances from lead actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Brad Pitt. Pitt is breathtaking as Bass.

Glorious setting and backdrop of the south causes  this flick takes on epic status. The relationships between the slaves, their masters and others encountered during 12 years of slavery will illuminate the sensitivity to many issues of today’s society.

Modern slavery such human trafficking is an obvious by product of a society that does not address well enough the differences between mankind and colour, race or creed.

Pitt’s character  is the worn and aged soul just perfectly cast for this period theme film. Filming in this period setting seems to suit both lead actors and supporting with the endearment of films that never cease to challenge personal culpability and discernment.  Both epic and breathtaking like ‘Out of Africa.’

Watch the new film released Trailer for 12 Years A Slave~ based upon a real life story of a slavery.

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The OFFICIAL Twitter Account +Brad Pitt


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Twitter ~Alert

Finally on Twitter~ the Offical Twitter account
Follow us (Brad & wife Kesha)@BradKeshapitt 

Actor, producer, musician, father, husband (19yrs- OMG! I KNOW), a lover ( to wife Kesha only), a best friend ( to spouse Kesha only), a guardian ( to Kesha’s kids)

Location~ Guam · Website~ His & Hers

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Brad Pitt Joins Wife on Book Tour 2014


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Brad Pitt 22

Brad Pitt started the year 2013 must like he had started the two previous years. Scuffles with the past and a long-standing rivalry with former Hollywood pal George Clooney kept things behind the scenes particularly unfriendly the enter year.

But when he did make s appearance, Pitt could not help but be noticed. Publicly claimed by wife Kesha Coggins Pitt, Pitt declared his wife’s readiness to claim his namesake and announced her as wife Kesha Pitt.  The  newly named spouse of Pitt is expected to feature her new book entitled ‘A Walk Within’  in summer 2014. Released last year but hindered by sabotage, Kesha’s A Walk Within  and stolen from my authors site.

Behind the hacking into account and taking over of sales profiles is Alastair Burlingham and Amal Mansour. Since 2011, Both have attempted to publish the book in their own names. They have even used the same book cover. I suspect that they will continue hack and still likely to further plagiarize.The Book tour invite first came to Mrs. Kesha Pitt in summer 2010 while she was sill in exploring like in Thailand.

beach-wedding-favors-9-500x435Previous attempts to publish through her former meant that her pre-sale site was targeted. Pre-sale projections of 725 clicks per site counter spells wonderful future sales projection yet the sales were alleged to have not come at all.

If you have purchased a forged copy of this book last year please report the matter to the local authorities and the BBB for compensation;

In summer 2014, look out for Brad Pitt joining his wife on her Beijing International Book Tour, China book tour in 2014!  This will be one of several other book shows expected to attend including Frankfurt Book Fair by this Hollywood couple. Notably, Brad and Kesha (born Cassandra) are in the industry quietly deemed the Power Couple of Hollywood-Real! Green-lighting film flicks, charitable projects and launching enterprising such as EliteOne Provocateur nor Provocateur & EliteOne International, there really is nothing this talented partnership in love can’t do.

Expect this real couple to keep a fairly low public profile in pursuit of private life on the island of Guam (Guhan) and exclusive living in other parts of the world including Greece, Milan, Singapore and  Vietnam by 2014.

Source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112816203080215801845/posts

Brad Pitt- Malibu Estate Design for Rota Island Love Nest


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Brad Pitt purchased his second dream home to share with wife Kesha Coggins Pitt in April 2005 just weeks after announcing his split for then partner Jennifer Aniston. The immaculate Malibu estate was one of two homes the couple purchased to share after secretly tying the knot officially in 2002 and publicly in 2011. Unexpected change in circumstances lead to Pitt piling on the film work and extending his filmography extensively for two solid years. Leaving the couple with little time to come together until several years later and several personal setback not to mention obstacles later December 2010.

The decision to live outside of US was an easy one when Pitt followed his wife Coggins Pitt to the island of Guam in the South Pacific by January 2011. The couple exchanged the vows for the second time on February 3, 2011.  After a stressful year on neighboring island Saipan, Pitt and Coggins PItt choose to make Rota their home. Finding the perfect estate in the lower level village on the island brought back memories of their love of Malibu and the estate Pitt held onto and refused to share with anyone else until Coggins Pitt finally arrived. Replicating the Malibu estate on the island Rota made perfect sense for both.

Pitt an avid lover of architecture and his wife an avid designer and decorator, the devoted to each other pair should find renovating and decorating a real dream come true for them and their very large family. Formally a high school the grounds offer expansive out looking of both the Philippines Sea and North Pacific Ocean. Set high above sea level the Rota estate will create the perfect home base that Pitt has been waiting for. Another opportunity for Pitt to pull out the old tool belt. Ellen DeGeneres became the lucky owner of the 4000 square foot estate just five months after it first went on the market in December 2011.

See Brad Pitt’s Malibu home here.


Brad Pitt- Taking Japanese Break in Osaka


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Movie star Brad Pitt emerged from the past recent years stronger and brighter than ever.  Oscars nods launched the start of yet another new year. While the chaos of the past followed him everywhere he touches down one thing is definite for the 48-year old actor. Pitt refuses to go back to the life he led in Hollywood just 24 months ago.  Pitt and new wife Kesha Coggins Pitt tied the knot publicly after a very private and very long-distance love affair commenced in October 2000.

Pitt and Coggins Pitt initially exchanged private vows in 2002 after Pitt discovered that neither he or Jennifer Aniston filed their marriage license in 2000 or 2001. Subsequently, never legally married for all the years the world speculated about the true status of the Aniston-Pitt marriage. Much to Jen’s former behavior, Aniston continues to be a thorn in Pitt’s side. Desperate to put the past and Jennifer behind him, Pitt moved to Malibu in 2005. Even more determined to free himself from Angelina Jolie, Pitt and his real family took up residence in the South Pacific for the past 18 months.

Sources close to Pitt say,  that the actor wants nothing to do with either Jolie or ANISTON, Instead, is looking forward to settling him wife into their family home and moving on without the horrendous issues of the past holding him back.tie. Next region of the world the soul-mated lovers are expected to reside is Europe. Coggins-Pitt is believed to be very keen on life in Norway or Monte Carlo for the perfect place to base their family and home.

Brad Pitt – Takes on New Role as COO in Wife’s Entertainment Firm


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Life maybe stranger than fiction for most actors, but the life of Brad Pitt has taken on stranger real highs and lows that have ultimately made the actor a stronger man.  Working for his new wife’s film company Elite One Films saw the 48-year old actor return to the profession he has dominated for over 3 decades. While box office ticket taking may seem to have fallen short in the US, Pitt definitely falls into the category of top 5 grossing at the box office internationally.

Not surprising, as Pitt’s very impressive filmography  sees the actor frequently Golden Globe and Oscar bound annually. Pitt’s intense thriller and dramatic genre flicks continue  win over fans thanks to the worldwide appeal that only Pitt can bring. The actor recently returned to his personal roots opting to step away from the over-exposure of media stunt life.When he issued a ban on the media commenting inaccurately about his personal life 5 years ago he never imagined the over-exposure that his life suffered since summer 2007.

Determined more now than ever to keep his real personal life under wraps, Pitt and wife Kesha Coggins Pitt were recently spotted on the island of Tinian in the South Pacific. Fighting off the past seems to be more the couples focus while distancing themselves from former friends and colleagues keeps them otherwise on their guard both day and night.

Just two days ago, Coggins Pitt confirmed husband Pitt as the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) of her successful private membership only entertainment firm EliteOne Provocateur. Pitt will head the creative development and acquisitions team. In the mean time, expected to see Pitt at a cinema near you in the fall with the film release of ‘And It Once Was Winter.’  Pitt is expected to return to Tokyo where the flick was shot for more scenes later this month.

Brad Pitt – New Epic Film Project


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The filmography of Oscar 2012  nominated actor Brad Pitt reads like cinema magic. With a gamut of stunning performances and film roles under his belt, the world waits for the next flick from the incredibly versatile actor now aged 48-years old. Two recent Oscar nods for his performances in The Tree of Life and Moneyball are evidence that like fine wine only but grows better with time.

Recent news reports of the reprisal of Pitt’s famous roles including a return as a widowed John Smith in The Return of John Smith – The Widower due out next year.  Pitt is rumored  to take the lead in yet another breathtaking and beautiful epic film role in Vlad- The Impaler. The role with show the darker side of the actors extensive range as ruler of a very dark time in history.

From epic roles such as Legends of the Fall to Troy, Pitt’s performances are both touching and poignant. Effortlessly, he brings the character to life in a way that leaves the audience mesmerized and captivated.  If rumors are anything to go by then Pitt will be teaming up with Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford for the first time on-screen. The pair is close enough friends off-screen. I am guessing that the pairing on-screen will be magic to watch.

Brad Pitt – New Ban on Media to End Jolie Headlines


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Life without former co-star Angelina Jolie and new life with the love of his life Kesha Coggins Pitt has restored the Hollywood hottie and around for the better at last. Healthy drug and alcohol free-living may also be playing a major role but love and freedom from the Hollywood couple game appears to be at the heart of the new and improved Brad Pitt the world has seen since Spring 2011.

Pitt officially announced before the world the ending of the so-called relationship with Jolie in March of 2009. Jolie has struggled annually with Pitt’s public attempts to free himself from her and yet the actor’s determination to do just that seems to be something the media wish to continue to pretend the have the right to over look. Legal separation papers drawn up in  Spring 2008 legally ended the matter of Jolie and Pitt but the actress was determined to put up a fight behind the scenes while conducting a public charade at Pitt’s expense.

The heroin addicted actress continues to make false statements to the media and go out of her to conjure of the money shot for the press. Ironically, Pitt public denied any involvement with the actress two entire years after parting from former partner Jennifer Aniston. Even ordering a ban on the media to prevent the Jolie and Pitt story from starting in the media in the first place. Nevermind Jolie…

Brad Pitt – Even Hotter than Ever


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Brad Pitt is even hotter than ever is such an understatement.  A new wife at the focus of his life, Pitt is using this time in his life to take on  the demons of the past still hounding his present. Loving his new life is just another facet of this talented actor whose career spans three decades and counting.

With new film projects and film releases insight, Pitt’s longevity in the world of filmmaking is assured for years and years to come. Recently, Pitt hinted to taking time away from acting to focus on his heart and personal passions. The 48-year actor  is expected to reprise several of his top box office successes including Ei8ht, the sequel to Se7en with director David Fincher.

Expect the unexpected from the hottest man Hollywood has seen in a long time. His personal life with wife Kesha Coggins Pitt may be well-guarded and off-limits but the professional endeavors of the tremendous William Bradley Pitt remain an enormous part of future filmmaking and cinematic history.

Brad Pitt – No Reps… Just Contact Me and the Wife


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The Hollywood actor has come along way from the days of red carpet events only. The practice of dragging an actress out for appearances nearly took the 48-year old actor under during the recent years. BWR public relation still hold the belief that they represent the actor and do so in spite of the fact that they like so called managers Brad Grey and Cynthina Pett-Dante also never paid Pitt a dime in 9 years of alleged representation. BWR have put the outrageously deception based pr lead publicist Cindy Guagneti in the background but have no intention of giving up their financial bread and butter fake coupling they termed sadly Brangelina.

Heading the 2012 charade and fake claims in the  media is none other than Nancy Ryder who ironically attempted to connect to Pitt’s wife Kesha Coggins Pitt (Entertainment & Celeb News Writer) on Facebook fearing the worst for the actor December 2010 just weeks before Pitt made a break from former costar Angelina Jolie for good.  Coggins Pitt livid with the firm that kept Pitt trapped in that farce ignored Ryders’ daily attempts to add and united with Pitt just weeks later never to hear from Ryder ever again. Under BWR representation the last alleged official engagement announcement was April 2008, Pitt filed the legal separation papers days later. That was FOUR years ago… He fired BWR publicist Guagnet that same month as well. Incidentally, Jolie signed the separation papers in December 2009.

Convinced that he cannot go public with his mixed-race wife, the public relation firm that has nothing more than a zillion  over-exposed children moments complete with in 2012 at least two different Shiloh children, 3 different Pax looking kids, and triplets aka a red-head boy and girl as well as an identical to Knox and mystery other red-head a boy with blond hair that all resemble each other but the media were told of just twins… the latest news story reek of Jolie’s still holding on and BWR ready to take their cut from the deceptions they each must resort to.

Don’t ever expect Coggins Pitt to ‘play along,’ she has already declared her refusals to attend any functions retaining to Pitt’s career if that pr firm is involved. She has refused their representation of her marriage to Pitt since last summer and in return they seemed more determined than ever to throw the rubbish called Brangelina at her as a result. Jolie continues to travel alone and emerge with two or three children at a time but never seen with the entire six. Oddly, these children are not the children Pitt knew as his own as those children were removed from Jolie at the end of last year permanently and are not expected to return to her ever again.

The African child has enjoyed quality time her birth mother along with brother Maddox. Close sources say both Pitt and Coggins Pitt mean to keep it that way.  Read more about Pitt firing BWR publicist Cindy Guagneti here.