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Brad Pitt exclusive

Brad pitt at premiere 2013Could this be yet another perfectionist performance delivered by both cast and crew? A historical look at slavery, focusing upon slaves story in  particular offers captivating and stupendous performances from lead actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Brad Pitt. Pitt is breathtaking as Bass.

Glorious setting and backdrop of the south causes  this flick takes on epic status. The relationships between the slaves, their masters and others encountered during 12 years of slavery will illuminate the sensitivity to many issues of today’s society.

Modern slavery such human trafficking is an obvious by product of a society that does not address well enough the differences between mankind and colour, race or creed.

Pitt’s character  is the worn and aged soul just perfectly cast for this period theme film. Filming in this period setting seems to suit both lead actors and supporting with the endearment of films that never cease to challenge personal culpability and discernment.  Both epic and breathtaking like ‘Out of Africa.’

Watch the new film released Trailer for 12 Years A Slave~ based upon a real life story of a slavery.

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