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Movie star Brad Pitt emerged from the past recent years stronger and brighter than ever.  Oscars nods launched the start of yet another new year. While the chaos of the past followed him everywhere he touches down one thing is definite for the 48-year old actor. Pitt refuses to go back to the life he led in Hollywood just 24 months ago.  Pitt and new wife Kesha Coggins Pitt tied the knot publicly after a very private and very long-distance love affair commenced in October 2000.

Pitt and Coggins Pitt initially exchanged private vows in 2002 after Pitt discovered that neither he or Jennifer Aniston filed their marriage license in 2000 or 2001. Subsequently, never legally married for all the years the world speculated about the true status of the Aniston-Pitt marriage. Much to Jen’s former behavior, Aniston continues to be a thorn in Pitt’s side. Desperate to put the past and Jennifer behind him, Pitt moved to Malibu in 2005. Even more determined to free himself from Angelina Jolie, Pitt and his real family took up residence in the South Pacific for the past 18 months.

Sources close to Pitt say,  that the actor wants nothing to do with either Jolie or ANISTON, Instead, is looking forward to settling him wife into their family home and moving on without the horrendous issues of the past holding him back.tie. Next region of the world the soul-mated lovers are expected to reside is Europe. Coggins-Pitt is believed to be very keen on life in Norway or Monte Carlo for the perfect place to base their family and home.