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Life maybe stranger than fiction for most actors, but the life of Brad Pitt has taken on stranger real highs and lows that have ultimately made the actor a stronger man.  Working for his new wife’s film company Elite One Films saw the 48-year old actor return to the profession he has dominated for over 3 decades. While box office ticket taking may seem to have fallen short in the US, Pitt definitely falls into the category of top 5 grossing at the box office internationally.

Not surprising, as Pitt’s very impressive filmography  sees the actor frequently Golden Globe and Oscar bound annually. Pitt’s intense thriller and dramatic genre flicks continue  win over fans thanks to the worldwide appeal that only Pitt can bring. The actor recently returned to his personal roots opting to step away from the over-exposure of media stunt life.When he issued a ban on the media commenting inaccurately about his personal life 5 years ago he never imagined the over-exposure that his life suffered since summer 2007.

Determined more now than ever to keep his real personal life under wraps, Pitt and wife Kesha Coggins Pitt were recently spotted on the island of Tinian in the South Pacific. Fighting off the past seems to be more the couples focus while distancing themselves from former friends and colleagues keeps them otherwise on their guard both day and night.

Just two days ago, Coggins Pitt confirmed husband Pitt as the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) of her successful private membership only entertainment firm EliteOne Provocateur. Pitt will head the creative development and acquisitions team. In the mean time, expected to see Pitt at a cinema near you in the fall with the film release of ‘And It Once Was Winter.’  Pitt is expected to return to Tokyo where the flick was shot for more scenes later this month.