Brad Pitt – Makes Clean Break From the Past


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Life at the top of the game can leave you wanting more or disillusioned. Surviving an obsessive former co-star and driven ex-partner before, movie star Brad Pitt is enjoying his life away from the spotlight. Don’t expect Pitt to go on in the media about fatherhood or children. Since becoming a legal guardian of four children taken from the formerly known as Jolie-Pitt household December 2010, Pitt has forced on new wife and life on an island called Saipan in the South Pacific.

Taking guardianship in his stride in place of fatherhood has maybe a once shattered and exhausted Pitt relaxed and youthful again.  With his wife newly by his side he has never looked better. The two met more than 15-years ago in a London nightclub called L’Equipe Anglaise where he watched her dance for hours and hours.  Dating mixed-raced woman or woman of color was discouraged by those closest to the guidance of Pitt’s career at the that time.

Nonetheless, a love affair long distance commenced  that span 13-years.  Happily married to wife Kesha Coggins Pitt, a solo Pitt attended his first professional première last fall in Toronto to promoted his critically acclaimed film Moneyball. Personal setbacks just one year ago saw many prepared to write Pitt off. In 2012, Pitt received not one but two Oscars nominations for his 2011 flicks Moneyball and Tree of Life.

Leaving the past behind in pursuit of his dream life with Coggins Pitt, Pitt continues to find the strength to further free himself from the deceptions and exploitation of the past. Those around him used their association to him as media pass to get as much exposure as possible at the expense of Pitt being free to move and enjoy professional successes such that elusive Oscar win.

Brad Pitt – Hotter Than Ever in South Pacific


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Brad Pitt continues to withstand the setbacks of the past that hinder his progress with new wife Kesha Coggins Pitt and family in Asia and the South Pacific. There is no looking back for Pitt as he sets out to make a clean break from the PR firm BWR and Brad Grey partnership own management firm that employed Cynthia Pett-Dante who  headed the management firm from February  2005.

Lead by Grey the management firm swindled millions and millions of dollars out of Pitt over the years.  Posing as Pitt’s manager, Grey managed to collect salary intended for Pitt to the tune of 2 million a film early on in Pitt’s career. It was not until Pitt launched film company Plan B in 2001 that Pitt begun to understand just how much he was making per film project and public appearances.

In January 2005, Grey took the head job at Paramount Pictures and Plan B signed on to dissolve previous Warner Bros agreements that involved the ex-partner Jennifer Aniston. Grey and Pitt’s business association ended after the two fell out over Pitt;s discovered Grey’s unsavory personal conduct with young starlets he introduced the studio head to.

Brad Pitt- Dispells Former Costar’s Fantasy ‘ I AM ALREADY MARRIED’


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Angelina Jolie prostituted Brad Pitt high on heroin from 2009 to 2010. All because he announced by March 2009 that IT WAS OVER on front covers in the media. By 2010, she charged fellow Hollywood actors and politicians 70,000 to have sex with him. During that time Pitt appeared dragged around by her in the media bloated and disturbingly unstable if not to mention abused.

Both she and lover/brother James Haven would not only drug him but lock him in when she and he mostly accompanied by Brad Grey would break into homes to rape and rob   while later claiming that Pitt himself had done so to support the monkey on his back. The time finally arrived and he fled her apparent ploy to kill him off in Namibia for money December 2010. Within days of departing Jolie and even the six kids, Pitt announced his plans to marry another in Italy. He did not act in haste as by February 3rd, 2011 on the island of Guam, Pitt tied the knot for the last time.

Now the desperate actress who has forced her way onto media public appearances with Pitt since marrying another is pulling yet another desperate media attempt to make Pitt’s life all about herself. Appearing with the so called Jolie-Pitt kids seems to be a series of moments with children who do not look anything like the kids first introduced to the world. Take the younger vs the old tom-boy version of the same kids.

In December 2009, Jolie thinking she was on the brink of getting her hands on 25 percent of Pitt’s net worth signed both legal separation papers and handed over custody of the children to Pitt. She NOW has no legal right to the children who were taken from her by Pitt just on year later. She appears with a much taller in older looking Pax in Vietnam in last month and a blond rather than red-head Knox. She can never get a dime from Pitt not even for child support because is not financially obligated to pay for non-biological kids or orphans who are not actually legally adopted by him. Jolie must be hard up for money.

Is the recently seen Knox child a third child born to the infamously whored twins. Not to mention the two different girls she calls Shiloh. This is the pretty Shiloh… the other of course is the cute tomboy Shiloh seen since 2008 with the shorted cropped hair.

Brad Pitt – Fires Back at Former Manager Cynthia Pett-Dante


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Brad Pitt – Fires Back at Former Manager Cynthia Pett- Dante. Just when Brad Pitt felt the time to further distance from the recent past and former costar Angelina Jolie had finally looked to fall into place a new ploy to hold Pitt back has emerged in the media causing the Hollywood actor and new wife grave concern.

The dismal start to the year due to the pressurized appearances Pitt made during the award ceremony season upstaged by saboteurs at red carpet events sent Pitt packing from residing in LA altogether. Fighting off former BWR publicist Cindy Guagneti who became more Jolie’s publicist than ever his led Pitt to feeling optimistic about his future and career.

Signing on for several new film projects including a re-teaming and sequel to Se7ev called 8, Pitt felt the time had come to finally look forward. The harsh realities of the past and long standing vicious continued pursuit of the actor by Paramount boss Brad Grey has instead left Pitt in one country at work and his wife of one year another waiting for a resolution.

Adding to the madness is a determined Tom Cruise and old age grudge that has Cruise believing that he can take from Pitt not just his career but his new wife as well. The measures to return Pitt to the horror he endured at the hands of Jolie and her brother James Haven were stepped up in the lead up to the 2012 Golden Globes.

Pitt refusing to give in entirely informed many reporters that he had attended without Jolie in spite of her appearing to blind side him with her presence at his individual photo ops for the press was on his way back to the South Pacific to join his wife. Without the kids to exploit, Jolie has attempted to keep the charade of her façade union with Pitt going with yet another publicity stunt announcement delivered by former manager Cynthia Pett-Dante.

The announcement came within hours of Pitt publicly acknowledging a security hacking breach on his independent of Jolie and Jolie-Pitt accounts. Grey was believed to be behind the site hacking using a nobody stalker named Amal Mansour to infiltrate the actors love notes to his mixed-raced wife. To make matters worst Cruise has offered that Kesha, the wife of Pitt, attend Cannes with him while he sends Pitt back to the fake coupling of Jolie. Pitt and his wife have refused but Cruise seems determined to ruin their union no matter what it take just the same.

Should Pitt conside legal action against not only against Angelina Jolie, but Tom Cruise and Brad Grey as well?

Brad Pitt- Never Will I Work with Angelina Jolie Again


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Brad Pitt- Never Will I Work with Angelina Jolie Again.  In spite of marrying another aka his long distant love interest of 12-years, former co-star Angelina Jolie seems even more determined than ever to keep up the fake coupling going on forever. Pitt desperate to free himself from Jolie by end of 2007,  met with his lawyers in January 2008 to draw up the infamous legal separation papers to end the charade permanently.

Jolie enlisted her brother James Haven who immediately moved into Pitt’s property and begun to systematic abuse and threaten Pitt with further violence  if he in fact left Jolie. By April of the same year Pitt fired BWR publicist to end the media circus that had by then turned into a nightmare for Pitt and his career. Jolie, of course, egged the media on more and more loving every minute of the attention being connected to the Brad Pitt brought her.

In December 2009, Jolie finally signed the 2008 dated legal separation papers meant to allow Pitt access the children he believed were his and move on with love interest Kesha without Jolie continuing to use the kids as a ball and chain to keeping Pitt with her in front of and behind the scenes. Without the children Jolie has not any other reason for pretending she and Pitt were anything other than former costars. Her determination to continue to deliberately mention them as an item in the press to get media attention then and now is leading Pitt to consider  taking legal action against her once and for all

Finally acting, his wife’s advice, Pitt gained sole custody of the children in spite of discovering that none were biologically related. Pitt and left Joile December 2010 only to fight off her efforts to abduct the kids for fake photo ops. As recent as last week, she acquire completely different children for photos ops with just herself. Exposure of having no biological relativity to the children she sold to the highest bidder and whore in the media shamelessly was what Jolie and Haven both dreaded.

Jolie realized by January 2010 that she was not entitled to the 25 percent of Pitt’s net worth after initially signing the legal separation papers that was to end her pursuit of him forever. And, instead suddenly claimed the two were not parting. Drugging and beating she and Haven as well has her good friend George Clooney and later Tom Cruise inflicted upon Pitt for months before he landed the role that save both his life and career Moneyball.

Brad Pitt – google+ Account Hacked into by Amal Mansour aka lunatic stalker


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Brad Pitt – google+ Account hacked into by Palestinian born Amal Mansour aka lunatic stalker. Mansour has been stalking the wife of Brad Pitt, Kesha Coggins Pitt after briefly befriending Angelina Jolie who sent her a Facebook friend add link in January 20112 shortly after Mansour was contacted by Coggins Pitt to attend the couple’s spring nuptials. Efforts to fight off Jolie’s attempts to drag Pitt back saw the couple opt for exchanging vows on the island of Guam in private ceremony on February 3rd, 2011. Suspecting her of the association with Jolie, Coggins Pitt deleted Mansour just months later. Since then both she and husband Pitt  have endured the psychopaths jealous and psychotic levels of hatred and rage at the discovery of her former friend’s nuptials with the Brad Pitt.

After months of viciously aiding the likes of Brad Grey Tom Cruise as well as Madonna and Angelina Jolie against the Coggins Pitt union, Mansour has sought to take on the husband of Coggins Pitt aka Brad Pitt directly. She along with fellow vicious stalker and former Coggins Pitt friend have sought to harass and terrorize the union between Pitt and Coggins Pitt of over a year. Seeing Coggins Pitt as some sort of meal ticket or fast track to celebrity life, Mansour and Jeffers have sought to infiltrate the extremely private couple’s personal via adding herself to anyone via Skype after first harassing them on Facebook. Assisted by Grey and Cruise, her efforts to home wreck the couple and even sexually harass Coggins Pitt have disturbed both Pitt and his wife greatly.

Incidentally, the two former friends fell out in 1996 and never spoke again after Mansour launched into a series of vicious ‘nigger’ word rants and was asked by Coggins Pitt to leave Coggins Pitt’s London Maida Vale flat never to be heard from again. As it turned out not long after the falling out, Mansour was enlisted by Grey to track Coggins Pitt’s newly launched writing career online and put an end to it. She was paid 2,000 dollars a month and never thought she would be found out as she harassed and called employees to run Coggins Pitt off online writing sites and even a book deal or two.

Brad Pitt – Tops 10 Male Hollywood Actors of Today List


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The top 10 actors whose careers were launched in the 80′s bring smiles to the faces of men and woman alike. We all get just a little bit more excited when we hear of the latest film release for anyone of the actors featured on this list. From the 80′s to now, the named 10 actors dominate our movie experiences and are expected to continue to do so for some time to come.  Read More.

Brad Pitt – Fighting Back Against Media Misreprestation


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Brad Pitt fighting back against further misleading media coverage of his personal life which sadly continue to threat the progression of his professional life. With false friends like George Clooney mixed up in the madness that was formally called Branglina until Pitt sought court injunctions to block the media from referring to him in context of any sort with Jolie publicly, Pitt continues to struggle with the reality that Jolie is determined to live the facade indefinitely.

Fleeing her once and for all in December 2010, led to her and her group of misfits pursing Pitt to drag him back for several months after he married Kesha Coggins Pitt. Fearing for his and her safety the newlyweds initially agreed to keep at a distance. Battles with Jolie lead to award show appearance under the forced abduction of Pitt last year where more recently orchestrated by Clooney and Tom Cruise teaming up to sabotage Pitt’s career and awards nod run for 2012.

Subsequently, an incoherent Pitt appeared at the Golden Globes and the Oscar but upon breaking free from both Clooney and Jolie did the media get a glimpse of the fact that he actually attended making a solo appearance. While Clooney’s ploy to use Jolie’s appearance with Pitt might have persuade the Globe win in his favorite for 2012, he did not have the same degree of success at the Oscars. The best actor award for that category went to a friend of Clooney’s who as rumor has it used a script owned by film company Elite One Films launched Pitt’s wife  last February 2011.

Message for all you in the MEDIA. STOP PUBLISHING THAT ANGELINA JOLIE SHIT. She is NOT my wife, baby momma or girlfriend. It was just supposed to be a few red carpet events as arranged by BWR. Not me stuck with her and her children. Brad Pitt married Kesha Rona Coggins who became Kesha Coggins Pitt or Kesha Pitt on February 3rd, 2011. Not the whore of Hollywood, kiddie peddler molesting mommie with fake babY MAKING ploys. Jolie tried every trick in the world to make something out of nothing then resorted to drugging me with heroin, badgering and abusing me by 2009 when I finally announced in March that it was over for the final time. It took 1 year and a half later for me to finally flee her and still she uses kids to fake media stories with BWR’s Cindy Guagneti and Cnythia Pett-Dante. Jolie is INSANE, literally and needs to be locked up. As for me not being on Facebook and instead settling for Google + well… I left Facebook to get away from ANGELINA JOLIE and CINDY GUAGNETI harassing me online as well as their fake misleading stories and posting…. Heres the article we just spotted dumpster shit piles of inaccuracies You might want to check out my real GOOGLE + page here … NOTE there is NOT Angelina Joile anywhere on any posting or in sight… OKKKKKKKKKK! P.S HERE IS MY ONLY REAL FACEBOOK PROFILE … DO NOTE THAT I AM LISTED AS HUSBAND TO MY WIFE KESHA COGGINS… AND, YES I ONLY ADD REAL CELEBRITIES NOT FAKES, WANNA BES OR SICKAFAN. AND, SO DOES SHE! I will pursue legal action against anyone or media publication who insists continuing the nightmare, barrage of lies and falsehoods regarding my professional or personal life. I want Angelina Jolie – FORMER COSTAR- erased from my life forever !

Brad Pitt – Enjoying Life a Legal Guardian


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The world of Brad Pitt already tuned up side down from the public announcement that eluded the 47-year old movie star for so many years until January  2005. The divorce announcement was eventually upstaged just one year later when former costar Angelina Jolie alleged  to be pregnant and claimed Pitt was the father. This in spite of admitting just after the so called birth that she had more than one sexually partner in 2005 alone.

Already convinced that he and his long distance long interest Kesha Coggins Pitt who became is wife officially in February 2011 would be better suited to raise the child known as Maddox independently of Jolie, Pitt became distracted with the prospects of gaining legal guardianship over that child as well as the African born child by December 2005.

Fast forward 4-years and 5 additional children later, Pitt and Coggins Pitt first became the sole legal guardians of the child known as Pax in December 2009 when legal papers first dated 2008 were finally signed by Jolie. It would take another one year  before the couple would be free of Jolie to raise the additional children independent of her and her unsavory lifestyle once and for all.

Now legal guardian of more than 20 children, Pitt is taking legal guardianship fairly seriously. With the rumor of wife Kesha expecting the actor’s first and only biological child to date in the air since last summer, Pitt continues  to gush over the prospects of experiencing the moment with close sources to the couple.

According to close sources, Pitt feels the circumstances are ideal now. He would never dream of ever having children or start a real family out-of-wedlock. He especially looks forward to the moment he and his new wife welcome a biological child of their own soon.

Angelina Jolie 2006 & 2008 Birth’s Holly Goline Assisted


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 Brad Pitt’s former costar Angelina Jolie had her hands full with teaming up with BWR publicist to keep the Hollywood Golden couple charade that was to fill the shoes of Brad and Jennifer up for more reasons than one. Jolie made bold admissions of  deliberate intent breakup the trouble Pitt-Aniston marriage by September 2008. Jolie’s efforts to hold onto Pitt lead her go to even greater lengths to secure the facade and headline stories.

Close friend and confidant turned publicist Holly Goline became more necessary than ever by 2008 when Jolie sprung on an unsuspecting Pitt that she was pregnant for the first time. In the same year Pitt made the bold move to formally fired BWR publicist Cindy Guagneti in April 2008.  Just weeks before he had lawyers draw up the papers that would have sent Jolie packing sooner rather than later forever.

Goline who was also noticeable pregnant in 2006 was especially so during Jolie’s over exposed pregnancy and sequent births of the TWINS. While Jolie continues to mislead the public about the details of her personal life, she no longer can also mislead Pitt. Even before the births of the twins, Pitt  filed in LA court legal separation papers fearing her sudden twins pregnancy was nothing more than just another ploy to hang onto the encumbered actor even longer.

Pitt recently revealed what others had suspected all a long. Clarifying in a statement on his personal blog that he did not father any of Jolie’s alleged biological children was something he wanted to do for a very long time. Recent medical reports also confirmed that neither he or Jolie were  biologically related to the children she frantic and even desperately sought to acquire and use. Her plan appeared nothing more that the means to stick around the actor long after the end of co-starring with Pitt was to also end their occasion forever. 

Ironically, after the births of Holly’s children and Jolie’s there is no further mention in the media of Holly’s motherhood or child rearing whatsoever. Merely her continued representation of Angelina Jolie’s. Up until November 2005, Jolie reportedly declared herself never having biological kids ever. For a decade, everyone in the industry heard her ill mention and determination against birthing human life.

Strangely enough, Holly has not been in the company of Jolie since Pitt managed to finally flee her during the trip to Namibia in December 2010. The last time she appeared in the company of Jolie was January 2011. Holly apparently quit working for  Jolie in May 2010, according to this news source here.  Holly makes obvious mention in this report about the possibility of baby faking in the Jolie households. Where is Holly and where are her children?