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Brad Pitt- Never Will I Work with Angelina Jolie Again.  In spite of marrying another aka his long distant love interest of 12-years, former co-star Angelina Jolie seems even more determined than ever to keep up the fake coupling going on forever. Pitt desperate to free himself from Jolie by end of 2007,  met with his lawyers in January 2008 to draw up the infamous legal separation papers to end the charade permanently.

Jolie enlisted her brother James Haven who immediately moved into Pitt’s property and begun to systematic abuse and threaten Pitt with further violence  if he in fact left Jolie. By April of the same year Pitt fired BWR publicist to end the media circus that had by then turned into a nightmare for Pitt and his career. Jolie, of course, egged the media on more and more loving every minute of the attention being connected to the Brad Pitt brought her.

In December 2009, Jolie finally signed the 2008 dated legal separation papers meant to allow Pitt access the children he believed were his and move on with love interest Kesha without Jolie continuing to use the kids as a ball and chain to keeping Pitt with her in front of and behind the scenes. Without the children Jolie has not any other reason for pretending she and Pitt were anything other than former costars. Her determination to continue to deliberately mention them as an item in the press to get media attention then and now is leading Pitt to consider  taking legal action against her once and for all

Finally acting, his wife’s advice, Pitt gained sole custody of the children in spite of discovering that none were biologically related. Pitt and left Joile December 2010 only to fight off her efforts to abduct the kids for fake photo ops. As recent as last week, she acquire completely different children for photos ops with just herself. Exposure of having no biological relativity to the children she sold to the highest bidder and whore in the media shamelessly was what Jolie and Haven both dreaded.

Jolie realized by January 2010 that she was not entitled to the 25 percent of Pitt’s net worth after initially signing the legal separation papers that was to end her pursuit of him forever. And, instead suddenly claimed the two were not parting. Drugging and beating she and Haven as well has her good friend George Clooney and later Tom Cruise inflicted upon Pitt for months before he landed the role that save both his life and career Moneyball.