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Brad Pitt fighting back against further misleading media coverage of his personal life which sadly continue to threat the progression of his professional life. With false friends like George Clooney mixed up in the madness that was formally called Branglina until Pitt sought court injunctions to block the media from referring to him in context of any sort with Jolie publicly, Pitt continues to struggle with the reality that Jolie is determined to live the facade indefinitely.

Fleeing her once and for all in December 2010, led to her and her group of misfits pursing Pitt to drag him back for several months after he married Kesha Coggins Pitt. Fearing for his and her safety the newlyweds initially agreed to keep at a distance. Battles with Jolie lead to award show appearance under the forced abduction of Pitt last year where more recently orchestrated by Clooney and Tom Cruise teaming up to sabotage Pitt’s career and awards nod run for 2012.

Subsequently, an incoherent Pitt appeared at the Golden Globes and the Oscar but upon breaking free from both Clooney and Jolie did the media get a glimpse of the fact that he actually attended making a solo appearance. While Clooney’s ploy to use Jolie’s appearance with Pitt might have persuade the Globe win in his favorite for 2012, he did not have the same degree of success at the Oscars. The best actor award for that category went to a friend of Clooney’s who as rumor has it used a script owned by film company Elite One Films launched Pitt’s wife  last February 2011.

Message for all you in the MEDIA. STOP PUBLISHING THAT ANGELINA JOLIE SHIT. She is NOT my wife, baby momma or girlfriend. It was just supposed to be a few red carpet events as arranged by BWR. Not me stuck with her and her children. Brad Pitt married Kesha Rona Coggins who became Kesha Coggins Pitt or Kesha Pitt on February 3rd, 2011. Not the whore of Hollywood, kiddie peddler molesting mommie with fake babY MAKING ploys. Jolie tried every trick in the world to make something out of nothing then resorted to drugging me with heroin, badgering and abusing me by 2009 when I finally announced in March that it was over for the final time. It took 1 year and a half later for me to finally flee her and still she uses kids to fake media stories with BWR’s Cindy Guagneti and Cnythia Pett-Dante. Jolie is INSANE, literally and needs to be locked up. As for me not being on Facebook and instead settling for Google + well… I left Facebook to get away from ANGELINA JOLIE and CINDY GUAGNETI harassing me online as well as their fake misleading stories and posting…. Heres the article we just spotted dumpster shit piles of inaccuracies http://blackboxsocialmedia.com/brad-pitt-and-google/. You might want to check out my real GOOGLE + page here … https://plus.google.com/117606070580636757280/posts. NOTE there is NOT Angelina Joile anywhere on any posting or in sight… OKKKKKKKKKK! P.S HERE IS MY ONLY REAL FACEBOOK PROFILE https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002468759090 … DO NOTE THAT I AM LISTED AS HUSBAND TO MY WIFE KESHA COGGINS… AND, YES I ONLY ADD REAL CELEBRITIES NOT FAKES, WANNA BES OR SICKAFAN. AND, SO DOES SHE! I will pursue legal action against anyone or media publication who insists continuing the nightmare, barrage of lies and falsehoods regarding my professional or personal life. I want Angelina Jolie – FORMER COSTAR- erased from my life forever !