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The world of Brad Pitt already tuned up side down from the public announcement that eluded the 47-year old movie star for so many years until January  2005. The divorce announcement was eventually upstaged just one year later when former costar Angelina Jolie alleged  to be pregnant and claimed Pitt was the father. This in spite of admitting just after the so called birth that she had more than one sexually partner in 2005 alone.

Already convinced that he and his long distance long interest Kesha Coggins Pitt who became is wife officially in February 2011 would be better suited to raise the child known as Maddox independently of Jolie, Pitt became distracted with the prospects of gaining legal guardianship over that child as well as the African born child by December 2005.

Fast forward 4-years and 5 additional children later, Pitt and Coggins Pitt first became the sole legal guardians of the child known as Pax in December 2009 when legal papers first dated 2008 were finally signed by Jolie. It would take another one year  before the couple would be free of Jolie to raise the additional children independent of her and her unsavory lifestyle once and for all.

Now legal guardian of more than 20 children, Pitt is taking legal guardianship fairly seriously. With the rumor of wife Kesha expecting the actor’s first and only biological child to date in the air since last summer, Pitt continues  to gush over the prospects of experiencing the moment with close sources to the couple.

According to close sources, Pitt feels the circumstances are ideal now. He would never dream of ever having children or start a real family out-of-wedlock. He especially looks forward to the moment he and his new wife welcome a biological child of their own soon.