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 Brad Pitt’s former costar Angelina Jolie had her hands full with teaming up with BWR publicist to keep the Hollywood Golden couple charade that was to fill the shoes of Brad and Jennifer up for more reasons than one. Jolie made bold admissions of  deliberate intent breakup the trouble Pitt-Aniston marriage by September 2008. Jolie’s efforts to hold onto Pitt lead her go to even greater lengths to secure the facade and headline stories.

Close friend and confidant turned publicist Holly Goline became more necessary than ever by 2008 when Jolie sprung on an unsuspecting Pitt that she was pregnant for the first time. In the same year Pitt made the bold move to formally fired BWR publicist Cindy Guagneti in April 2008.  Just weeks before he had lawyers draw up the papers that would have sent Jolie packing sooner rather than later forever.

Goline who was also noticeable pregnant in 2006 was especially so during Jolie’s over exposed pregnancy and sequent births of the TWINS. While Jolie continues to mislead the public about the details of her personal life, she no longer can also mislead Pitt. Even before the births of the twins, Pitt  filed in LA court legal separation papers fearing her sudden twins pregnancy was nothing more than just another ploy to hang onto the encumbered actor even longer.

Pitt recently revealed what others had suspected all a long. Clarifying in a statement on his personal blog that he did not father any of Jolie’s alleged biological children was something he wanted to do for a very long time. Recent medical reports also confirmed that neither he or Jolie were  biologically related to the children she frantic and even desperately sought to acquire and use. Her plan appeared nothing more that the means to stick around the actor long after the end of co-starring with Pitt was to also end their occasion forever. 

Ironically, after the births of Holly’s children and Jolie’s there is no further mention in the media of Holly’s motherhood or child rearing whatsoever. Merely her continued representation of Angelina Jolie’s. Up until November 2005, Jolie reportedly declared herself never having biological kids ever. For a decade, everyone in the industry heard her ill mention and determination against birthing human life.

Strangely enough, Holly has not been in the company of Jolie since Pitt managed to finally flee her during the trip to Namibia in December 2010. The last time she appeared in the company of Jolie was January 2011. Holly apparently quit working for  Jolie in May 2010, according to this news source here.  Holly makes obvious mention in this report about the possibility of baby faking in the Jolie households. Where is Holly and where are her children?