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 The million dollar wedding every girl dreams off was exactly what then fiancée Jennifer Aniston got when she tied the knot with Brad Pitt in Malibu on July 2000.

The fairytale did not last as the web of deception and general incompatibility begun to take its toll even before Jennifer pressurized Pitt to walk down the aisle. In January 2005, the golden Hollywood couple called the end of the charade officially.

Pitt prepared himself for a new life with another and Jennifer wary from the years of conspiring to keep the secret romatic pair apart  faced a new humiliation in the form of Pitt’s then Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie also making a public play for the newly single Pitt.

While Jolie relentlessly pursed Pitt, Aniston found herself dealing with the reality that neither she or Pitt filed their 2000 wedding license. With no marriage license on file Pitt had been free to leave the coupling that Aniston so very determined  to hold on to even long after the 2005 parting. Aniston and BWR publicist Cindy Guagneti may not have seen eye to eye in 2000 when it is believed that Cindy tore up the marriage license before anyone had the chance to file in the state of California after discovering it on Brad Grey’s desk.

By 2002, the unlikely pairing of Guagneti and Aniston  joined forces to keep the charade going in spite of Aniston’s own discovery that there was no marriage license and Pitt had already commenced a love affair long distance with Coggins Pitt in Oct 2000. Thus, making the beautiful ceremony attended by as many as 150 guests null and void. Fearing a repeat of history, Pitt filed the marriage certificate in more than one state in February and June of 2011.

By September, the mounting pressure from Guagneti to leave new wife and return to hollow living of Jolie-Pitt in Los Angeles. led Pitt to filing a common law wife certification of his 12-year relationship with Entertainment and Celeb News Writer Kesha Coggins Pitt in Toronto and Los Angeles.