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Four years after officially firing the dismal publicist Cindy Guagneti, Movie Star Brad Pitt continues to beat off the obsessed even psychotic Guagneti with a big stick. The out of control Public Relation firm BWR employed Cindy Ann Jones as she was first introduced to Pitt in 1995. Recently rumored to have been sent into Pitt’s inner circle by fallen star Tom Cruise, Jones would later change her name when Pitt fought off her advances and reported her to the local police.

Considered the brains behind the Jolie Pitt con-artist media circus in which Pitt initially ban the media from questioning him about Jolie especially during interviews or press junkets,  BWR lead by Guagneti set out to force the matter of Jolie on Pitt and the media for financial gain.  Guagneti deliberately sought to sabotage the actor’s personal and professional life for malicious reasons and bigotry.

Pitt continues to feel  as if  everyday is a struggle to keep Guagneti and her gang of so called publicists also stalking the actor out of his life and relationship with wife Kesha Coggins Pitt. According to close sources, the actor is determined to rid his life of Guagneti like Jolie once and for all. Brad Pitt Fires BWR Publicist Cindy Guagneti