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My life on the island is well, wild and fun. Lots of kids we rescued from Ladera where very bad things were happening to them involving Brad Grey, Cindy Guagneti,  Amal Mansour, Jaime Stevenson, Jennifer Jeffers and Dany Fahra. The children living with us are related or born to Hollywood stars in our inner circle. Together with my wife- Kesha- we hope to keep them safe, healthy and strong. I love being a guardian. In addition to being a guardian I have custodial custody of 9 children including in the 9 is the child formerly called Pax. My wife and I obtained legal right  over him in 2009 when sole custody papers were signed that December.  He spent all of 2011 in the care of Zahara’s African mother.  After a year-long delay, my wife and I begun co-parenting the little guy December 2011.  Also, I am a mere uncle to the other children formerly known at Jolie-Pitt which was legally dissolved in 2009.  Alastair Burlingham, my friend of 25-yrs fathered  the white children known as Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. We have renamed the children Ryan, Hunter and Jacob. 

After years of abuse at the hands of James Have, Brad Grey and Angelina herself, the children were rescued by me and Chace Crawford in December 2011. They have been great ever since. With a new and real mom aka my wife the children refer to me as their uncle. Maddox and Zahara have become the children of Zahara’s African birth mother. Maddox calls my wife mom too incidentally.  Grateful to be free of Angelina, Cindy and Brad Grey. If anyone ever sees me out around former co-star Angelina Jolie then please contact your local police authorities as I am most likely drugged and abducted by her and her unsavory conspirators. Everyday is a new day and an opportunity to continue to distance myself and wife from Jolie for good.